There are all sorts of radar detectors on the market, so it’s quite difficult to choose an accurate device that will help you avoid speeding tickets. Many of them feature great particularities, but in order to decide which is the best detector you can afford, you have to know some useful tips. Luckily, this article will help you to buy an accurate radar detector that will keep you away from expensive fines.

Make sure it covers the band you need

You have to make sure that the radar picks up the bands used by the local police, otherwise no matter how sophisticated and new the radar detector might be, it won’t be very helpful. Therefore, you have to find out which bands are used in your area, so you should look for bands such as K, Ka, X, Pop3 Ka, Laser or other. Once you determine the band, you can start your search for finding a detector that will cover the respective bands.

Look for those with a wide range

The range is very important when coming to purchase an accurate radar detector because it will alert you when it detects the radar speed gun used by cops. Keep in mind that buying time to slow down the speed of your car will be reflected in the money you’ll have to pay for the speeding tickets.

Choose a type that meets your needs

There are several alternatives to choose from and they are divided into three categories: corded, cordless and remote-mount detectors. Usually, the most common are the corded detectors and they also provide the best range of detection, but you can also buy a cordless detector that will allow you to easily move it into another vehicle. If you want one that will be permanently installed in the vehicle, then you can choose the remote-mount detector.

Buy a mid-priced radar

Make a research and see what are your options, compare the prices and then make your decision. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive device on the market because most of them are usually overrated for some features that definitely won’t make them more accurate. Also, in most cases, those which are the cheapest ones don’t meet the market requests. Therefore, buying a mid-priced radar will surely be a good choice.