People may sometimes feel a little bored when they’re doing workouts using various fitness equipment and many of them get to the point of quitting this kind of physical activity. Machines such as treadmills, rowing machines or others, usually tend to become dull and this is why many gyms have a television for distraction. Luckily, technology got to the point where it can achieve impressive things, so now we have the possibility to stay indoors, but at the same time to visit the entire world with the fitness equipment that communicates with the Internet. Therefore, if you want to know more about what you can do to enhance your workout routine, read the article below.


You surely consider that walking or running on a treadmill is boring most of the time, because it seems that no matter how fast you run, you never get anywhere. This is why modern treadmills give you the possibility to interact with Google Maps. Therefore, you can walk or run all over the world. After you log in to your online account, you can choose a route which is furthermore downloaded onto the treadmill. Then you can easily place a smartphone or a laptop on the console and visualize the selected route which can offer you the photographic view of the street or the animated earth view, this depending if it has a street view or not. Moreover, you can customize your workout program and you can monitor your progress.

Rowing Machine

Some of the rowing machines can connect to Google Earth and you can basically row down a river at your choice. Once you start working out, there appears a view of the selected river and although the application could’ve been more innovative, the machine still has a great impact on the users. Moreover, before displaying a new river, you have the possibility to familiarize with it and know all the details about that river. Also, the rowing machine tracks your route and it displays the speed and distance to finish. As you can see, the concept is pretty amazing and the best part is that the application will surely be improved in the near future.

Stationary Bike

Now it’s possible to ride the stationary bike on the streets of famous cities, highways, or even along the banks of well-known rivers. The system was created to access Google Maps and satellite images that can take you anywhere in the world. You just have to connect to the cycling center or to a device that allows you to go online and choose from the long list of available routes and then start cycling right in the comfort of your home. Also, you can see data about the cycling speed, distance taken, time elapsed and even the heart rate. Moreover, if there are places that you haven’t visited before, you can see them virtually, and you can also race against other online users.