If you want to create a comfortable indoor environment in your home all year round, then it highly recommended investing in the most advanced room heaters and coolers. By doing so, you will have a pleasant warmth in the house during winter, and a cool indoor air in the summer. If you do not know what units to choose, then the examples presented below will certainly ease your choice.

Honeywell HZ-980 infrared heater

You will definitely love the fact that this unit features the EnergySmart Technology, which means that during its operation, it will actually save up to 35% energy, and this is a feature that you will not find on too many units of this type. Due to the touch screen digital controls, and large display, you will find very easy to use this wonderful unit. Other innovative features that Honeywell HZ-980 has are a programmable thermostat, 3 continuous heat settings, and 1-8 hour timer.

Versonel VSL1500H6E quartz infrared heater

Another wonderful room heater that you should confidently get is Versonel VSL1500H6E, which features 6 metal wrapped quartz elements, and each element actually acts as its own heat exchanger, in order to produce more heat output. This is definitely an advanced feature, that will help you feel ultra comfortable in your house, in the wintertime. Versonel VSL1500H6E is lightweight and extremely safe to use. It has a fire-proof cabinet, which is equipped with tip-over&overheat safety features. Moreover, you will absolutely love the 3 energy savings setting that Versonel VSL1500H6E has. With this unit, you can easily heat an area up to 1000 sq ft.

Dyson AM07 tower fan

If you want to have a cool indoor environment in the summertime, then you certainly need to invest in an advanced tower fan, and the best choice you could make is without a doubt, Dyson AM07. Furthermore, this is one of the safest tower fans available on the market these days, due to the fact that it doesn’t have any blades at all. Therefore, in case you have kids or pets, get this amazing tower fan. With Dyson AM07, you will be able to relax and feel comfortable in your home, no matter how hot it is outdoors.

Brookstone Mighty Max tower fan

Brookstone Mighty Max is a unit that will efficiently cool a medium or large room. It is extremely quiet, and therefore, you can leave it on to do its job while you sleep as well. The unit features 3 advanced program modes: breeze, sleep, and normal. The preprogrammed settings will automatically adjust the air speed so that you feel comfortable at all times. It can be confidently used around children and pets as well. The most advanced room heaters and coolers presented in this article will definitely help you make a choice, and therefore, create a comfortable environment in the entire house.