For many of us, the only reality that we’ve ever known is the one that we live in at the present moment. Event though we might have thought about the possibility of other realities, this seems rather like a science fiction movie than the reality as we know it. The technology has a great potential in creating all sorts of amazing innovations and in time we’ve witnessed some of the best inventions. Therefore, if you are passionate in knowing all about the latest news in virtual reality, this article will get you up to date by presenting you the most interesting news in this field.

Virtual Reality Bedtime Stories

As a parent, you can’t always be there for your kids and therefore you might miss one of their favorite activities, the bedtime stories. There could be many reasons why you can’t be next to your children, such as traveling for work, being separated or divorced, and so on. Luckily, modern life has many advantages because there are some futuristic tools that constantly prove their utility. The latest apps from Samsung, Bedtime VR stories, is designed for the parents who are away from their children, but want to read them stories in a virtual reality. Moreover, the story is accompanied by a promo video and while the children wear a Google Carboard handset, the parents wear Gear VR. Also, the application features a 360-degree video and the kids can wear a mask for their character.

Your own Music Studio

The SoundStage application is made for helping the musicians, and not only, to create their own music studio in virtual reality. All this can be done without having to be surrounded by real music equipment, which can be quite difficult to have for independent musicians. Therefore, this application allows you to use drum kits and synthesizers while letting your imagination work. Even though desktop computers or other advanced devices allow you to recreate these sounds, it seems that they don’t longer have the same popularity as they used to have. Additionally, you can even create 3D theremins, sequencers, or many other interesting sounds.

Virtual Reality for Video Games and more

Since the headsets are getting more accessible for the consumers, the virtual reality industry rapidly developed and it seems that this year will bring many improvements. The biggest market for the virtual reality is occupied by video games, but the last years brought more innovation to this industry. Therefore, now it’s not a surprise to find out that some online publications turned to virtual reality and take their viewers in all sorts of interesting places. Moreover, the virtual reality can be used in classrooms to help the students visualize certain concepts that will definitely ease their learning process. Also, by 2020 the virtual reality market is expected to grow considerably because the health care field is also very interested in treating patients who suffer from anxiety or phobias with the help of virtual reality. Furthermore, the scientists work on providing panoramic views on virtual reality, so it may not be that difficult for us to see distant places like Mars for example.