Being a new golf player, you need all kinds of cool gadgets that will help you improve your game on the field. Either we are talking about a golf swing analyzer, a smart golf club, or a rangefinder, these devices will surely make you a much better player. The main purpose in golf, as in other any sport, is to get more skilled than the other players and to win the game. This can be done only with patience and only if you use the best gadgets that will help you improve your golf swing, position, heap rotation and so on. For this reason, our article will present you the coolest gadgets available on the market that will help you improve your game.

Golf Swing Analyzer

You might have heard about the golf swing analyzer, but you don’t know exactly what it is. Well, this amazing gadget is a simple device that has to be attached to any golf glove in order to function. Once you start using it, you will receive instant feedback on your device, iOS or Android only. The golf swing analyzer renders information on position, overawing, hand paths and so on, and it works for distances up to 10 meters.

Smart Golf Club

Who would not want to train with a special golf club that offers realistic game playing? The club has sensors that instantly connect to smart devices and it analyzes the speed and distance of the ball, user’s swing and the trajectory of the ball. Moreover, the club can be used indoors, so you will be able to exercise more often, even if you’re at the office, at home, or in the backyard. Another aspect to be mentioned is that its design and weight follow the same standards as a real golf club, so you will not feel any difference.


In case you want a device to provide accurate measurements, then this is the right gadget for you. The device is used to determine the distance to the hole so you can know exactly how to control your golf club and the speed of the ball. Most rangefinders measure up to 500 yards and they render accurate reading, which is very useful for golf players, both beginners, and professional players. Also, the device is waterproof, has a compact size and is very light weighted.