If you are a coffee lover who likes to drink, smell and even make coffee, you probably know what type of coffee machine you should use for preparing a great coffee. Moreover, if you love strange things and you are interested to discover new gadgets, in the following lines we will tell you about a few coffee machines geeky designs.

The Auroma One coffee machine

The Auroma One coffee machine was designed to offer the users a perfect cup of coffee. This type of machine comes with a geeky design and some interesting features such as a temperature sensor, an embedded scale for a water reservoir, a dissolved coffee sensor, and a filter cavity. Moreover, you can control it through the mobile app. The Aurora app can upgrade the settings for different types of beans and will also recommend you what new bean types should you use. If you already have an Auroma One machine, but you are not sure how to use it, don’t worry. This machine can prepare for you three shots with different coffee types, each of them made with different settings., because the water temperature, the time of brew, the dissolved coffee, and the grind size, all these can be changed to modify the extractions and strength. This way you can experiment all types of coffee. As such, having a professional barista in your home may be one of the best choices you have made.

The Graphite Santos electric vacuum coffee maker

The Graphite Santos is an amazing coffee maker with remarkable results. Moreover, this type of coffee maker has a geeky and funky design. Plenty of people choose to buy the Graphite Santos because it is practical and easy to use. Furthermore, it lets you prepare around 12 regular cups at once. What is really incredible about this coffee maker, is the new vacuum method of brewing. You must put the coffee in a funnel and the water in the bottom carafe. When you will turn it on, the funnel will absorb all the water, brews the coffee and after it will release the coffee back into the carafe. This way you will get a good coffee which cannot be compared to any other product out there.

CafeSolo coffee maker

CafeSolo is an interesting coffee maker which inspires us with its rich flavor of a french press and a clean taste. Actually, this coffee maker is just a carafe dressed in a chic jacket which keeps it warm. The brewing process is without filters or steam. You just have to pour the boiled water over the freshly ground coffee beans and let the process begin. Don’t worry about the course particles of grounds, because the coffee maker comes with a filter funnel and a lid.