You might think that your kitchen is complete and that you have everything you need in it, but the truth is that you most likely skipped on acquiring certain useful gadgets. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your kitchen actually has everything you could possibly need in it, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the 3 kitchen gadgets that you didn’t know you needed and that you must purchase immediately.

1. Presto 08810 electric knife sharpener

Kitchen knives get dull fast due to the fact that they are used a lot. Instead of wasting money on replacing the knives every time their blades get dull, use the Presto 08810 electric knife sharpener to make your old kitchen knives new again. This kitchen gadget comes at the price of $20. According to the presto 08810 ratings, this item is perfect for sharpening the blades of dull non-serrated knives and is so easy to use that you can’t miss the perfect sharpening angle. To eliminate guesswork, the suction cups guide your position so that the knife is kept at the ideal sharpening angle throughout this process. In addition, the sapphirite sharpening wheels that this electric knife sharpener uses are able to create a sharp edge in only a few seconds.

2. Escali ECO157 Arti digital kitchen scale

Another kitchen gadget that you probably don’t own and that you need to make it easier for you to prepare perfect meals is the Escali ECO157 Arti digital kitchen scale. It costs around $30. This digital kitchen scale will provide precise weight measurements for the liquid and dry ingredients that you place on it. The ultra slim profile makes it a discreet addition to the kitchen counter. It can weigh items as heavy as 15 pounds. It features sensitive and user-friendly touch controls. To operate, it uses 2 lithium batteries. In addition, it features an automatic shut-off feature that shuts off the digital kitchen scale if it isn’t used for a while.

3. CuiZen PIZ-4012 pizza box oven

Do you love pizza? If you do, then you must have the CuiZen PIZ-4012 pizza box oven at your disposal. This amazing kitchen gadget costs around $760. The 1200W of power that it provides ensure that it will deliver perfectly cooked pizza every time you use it. It can cook a pizza that measures up to 12 inches in diameter. It features top and bottom heating elements on the rotating cooking surface to ensure that the pizza will be done evenly. It features an adjustable thermostat that you can set up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can set the timer up to 30 minutes.